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Our people, key diferentiation
The Viscofan Group’s performance in the market can only be understood by taking into account the excellence of its employees. A multicultural team with the same base values and ethical principles.


The Viscofan Group's leadership is underpinned by the differential value of know-how and commitment of all employees. An average workforce of 4,641 people formed by a multicultural, competitive, qualified team in constant training, which grows and shares solid values and common ethical principles, despite having different cultures.

Viscofan consist of a large group of people who are spread across different areas where the company has a strategic presence: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Uruguay, Belgium, France, Australia and New Zealand. 18 countries where the company is present, and which reflect its international character.

A rich and complex multicultural environment, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the international development of all the employees. In fact, there are numerous projects to transfer knowledge between the different production plants, and to develop specific global training seminars for Group workers.


The Viscofan Group, through the Human Resources departments in its different subsidiaries, encourages the development of people by means of different initiatives through which to manage knowledge and make the most of its employees’ capacities in order to achieve the Group’s objectives.

Training is one of the Group’s fundamental objectives as far as people management is concerned. Training is provided on a continuous basis to bolster personal and professional development.

On the path towards the objective of improving our strategy to harness talent, more proactive initiatives have also been launched to highlight the visibility of the Group in order to anticipate business needs,and identifying and contacting the best talent worldwide, while covering future positions.

The challenges faced by the Viscofan Group include developing initiatives for employee professional and personal development and encouraging channels of communication which will enable it to leverage the talent of the Viscofan team.

Viscofan is convinced that all accidents are avoidable and so, in addition to  working to make its facilities safer, the group also strives to make all its employees aware of the fact that their attitude to safety is fundamental.
The Viscofan Group continues to work hard to standardise its procedures and communicate company policy in this field through specific courses and information made available to workers in their work areas. In order to carry out these initiatives, the Board of Directors has passed a Group EHS policy containing guidelines related to safety in the workplace.


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