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Market, Customer and Suppliers
The Viscofan Group places the customer at the centre of its operational decisions, permanently searching for the best value proposition for its customers. We assume a commitment with our suppliers of materials and services.



Viscofan offers the widest range of sausage making products available to the meat industry, in an ongoing endeavour to offer solutions that meet new consumer demands.

In response to all these needs, Viscofan, as the world leader in the production and distribution of customized casings, is the only supplier to produce products in all four technologies: cellulose; collagen; fibrous; and plastic. Viscofan puts every effort into improving and progressing year after year, offering a wide range of products and innovative solutions

For this purpose, Viscofan possesses the largest sales network in the industry and a level of service provided by its technicians that is widely recognised by the market. In its continuous improvement model, through multidisciplinary teams representing the sales, operational, and research and development areas, the Viscofan Group identifies the issues that cause most concern for the meat industry and analyses, develops and implements the related improvements.

Being able to maintain its worldwide leadership in today’s fast-changing environment is only made possible by Viscofan's service excellence and diversification – its global presence enables it to provide the appropriate casing solutions to more than 1,700 customers in 100 countries around the world.


The trust placed in us by our customers is both a source of pride and a challenge to achieve even more.

In recent years, in the search for a better service for our customers, major changes have been made to the order management process and the number of middlemen involved in placing orders and making claims has been reduced, by leveraging a unique economy of scale in the casings market, which helps make processes more flexible and enhances customer service.

In this context,the Viscofan Technical Support service offered to customers plays a key role in helping them select the right casing from the wide range available. It also informs production of customer needs, suggesting product improvements or changes in order to offer customers the casing that best meets their needs.


1 ​Seminars and events organised by Viscofan
2 Technical helpline and 24 hour service
3 ​Active participation in sector trade fairs
4 ​Client visits
5 ​Local presence of the company itself or through representatives
6 ​Access to an own extranet (Visnet)



Viscofan promotes impartiality and objectivity in its selection processes for suppliers and contractors, and applies quality and cost criteria in these processes.

Aware of the strategic importance of a suitable supply of raw materials and services, Viscofan Group is committed to its suppliers and establishes relationships founded on reciprocal contribution, mutual respect, trust and the quality of products and services, and has established a supplier approval system, and suppliers need to comply with demanding quality, safety and cost criteria. This system establishes impartial and objective treatment in the supplier and contractor selection process.


In turn, to guarantee the excellence of its products and services at all times, as a guarantee for both its clients and the end consumer, Viscofan has a product and food hygiene safety system that covers every relevant aspect from its own production installations built in accordance with food safety regulations, to training programmes in food hygiene and product safety, quality control of raw materials, which must comply with specifications established with authorised suppliers, systems for detecting unsuitable materials during the production process, pest control, control of dangerous materials, staff hygiene and a visitors’ policy.

These protocols configure our product safety and quality system.


1 ​24 hour telephone contact
2 Suppliers visits to company facilities                                                       
3 ​Quality guarantee system
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