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Shareholders, Transparency and Trust
One of Viscofan’s objectives, through its its Shareholder and Investor Relations Department, by improving accessibility, information, transparency and making the appropriate information available for a better understanding of the company, its results, strategy and operations


One of Viscofan’s objectives, through its Department of Investor and Shareholder Relations, is to create value for the investor community by improving accessibility, the transparency of information and providing shareholders with relevant information in order to gain a better understanding of the company itself and its results, strategy and operations.

Viscofan maintains fluid communication with the financial markets, so that in 2018 a total of 15 analysis companies, Spanish and international alike, covered Viscofan on a recurring basis. At the same time, in 2018 Viscofan held 210 face-to-face meetings with investors, both shareholders and non-shareholders interested in the company, in 2017 there were 257. These meetings were held in 6 different countries.


The communication effort carried out throughout all these years has been recognised by the investment community. Institutional Investor in its “All European Executive Team” awarded Viscofan in 2016 the 1st CEO for Sell-Side and 2nd Best CEO combined, and 3rd IR for Sell-Side of the Paper & Packaging sector. Also in previous years, in 2015 the 2nd Best IR for Sell-Side and in 2012 the 1st Best IR professional for the Sell-Side in the packaging and food sector.

Viscofan, through its Investor Relations Department and Shareholder Desk, makes available to the financial community and individual investors various communication channels in order to provide a clearer understanding of the company’s performance and to attend to any information needs that either group may have.


Viscofan offers the investment community a number of communication channels:

1 ​Seminars and events organised by the financial community
2 ​Road shows with institutional investors promoted by the company or by brokers
3 ​Earnings presentations
4 ​The General Meeting of Shareholders
5 ​Organised visits to Viscofan’s head office
6 ​Telephone calls to a dedicated investor and shareholder helpline (+34 948 198 436)
7 ​A special e-mail address (
8 ​Information published on the website web
9 ​Notifications and regular public information submitted to the CNMV
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