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Viscofan collagen casings fresh procesed sausages 
Our collagen casings are made from natural animal protein: raw materials that are easily traced to source, more hygienic than other options, and free from health risks. A superior casing for stuffing and filling with a superb bite. 

Product range edible collagen casings  

Fresh Sausage Casings 

A sausage casing ideal for foodservice products. Available in clear or tinted in a wide range of sizes. Excellent stuffing performance. Designed for deep fry, pan fry, grilling and precooked applications.
Product range edible collagen casings  

Meat Snack Casings

Excellent diameter control & strength for high-speed reeling and linking. Colorfast and superior shelf life. Faster processing and cycle times. Developed for both consumers and manufacturers in mind.
Product range edible collagen casings  

Processed Sausage Casings

These casings are designed for processed sausages that are produced with high-speed fillers and linkers, and undergo a secondary processing stage. The added processing strength ensures reliable machining for most applications while limiting shrinkage and weight loss.
Product range edible collagen casings  

Clear Choice®

Viscofan’s Clear Choice casing delivers a premium product designed with the unique ability to closely mimic the desired qualities of natural casings – without the mess, fuss and cost. With added strength, provides great results for water, steam & smoke cooking, frying & grilling, and with excellent consistency it works conveniently for stuffing both fresh and processed applications.

Product range edible collagen casings  

Flavored Casings

With Viscofan’s Flavored Nitta Casings, you can simply use the same meat & emulsion to produce different flavored sausages without the changeover process. This means reduced downtime, increased efficiency and cost savings. Plus, our taste testers agree that both aroma and taste are better with flavored casings!
Product range edible collagen casings  

Kosher Casings

Viscofan’s Kosher Nitta Casings have complete traceability of the product starting from the slaughterhouses and tanneries to the finished goods. All raw materials used are Certified Kosher.
Fresh and Processed: "B" Series 
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Fresh and Processed: "D" Series
Snack Stick: "A" series
Flavored Casings
Clear Choice Casings 
We produce custom-made Co-extrusion gel for various sausage applications. Your choice of collagen or alignate. Now available in color. Only from Viscofan.

Product range edible collagen casings  

Co-Extrusion Gel

Co-extrusion is a completely automated process for producing sausage with a casing formed by gel. A uniform thin layer of gel is applied to the outside of the sausage just as it is being formed. As it passes this salt bath, this layer acquires the necessary firmness and strength for further processing. When compared to conventional methods, cost savings are significant, and food safety aspects are unique. Viscofan’s co-extrusion gel is available in both Collagen and Alginate.​

Product range edible collagen casings  

Colored Co-extrusion gel

All the features and benefits of our Co-Extrusi​on Gel just got more colorful. With Viscofan’s exclusive technology, you have endless possibilities with our Co-Extrusion Gel enhanced with the color of your choice. Our technical team will work with you to custom produce your color requirements for ready-to-use Co-Extrusion Gel.

Co-extrusion Gel GE1509 
Co-extrusion Gel GE1513
Alignate Co-Extrusion Gel GA1501
Our propietary native collagen blend is produced using a delicate process allowing for the highest percentage of intact native collagen fibers. An excellent starter material for medical devices and biomedical research.

Product range edible collagen casings  

Nitta Collagen Gel

Nitta Collagen Gel is our propietary native collagen blend and the foundation of our business. It is comprised of 100% Type I Bovine Collagen. Nitta Collagen Gel is an excellent starter material for medical devices and biomedical research. Our delicate manufacturing process allows for the highest percentage of intact native collagen fibers when compared to the competition.

Nitta Collagen Gel Brochure 
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