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Viscofan Group releases January-March 2018 Results

​​Main highlights of the January-March 2018 results:

>> €187.8 million in revenue. Growth of 2.5% in like-for-like terms, and a decrease of 3.5% in the consolidated figure due to the weakness of exchange rates for the main trading currencies against the €.

>> €54.5 million in EBITDA, 0.2% less than the previous year, but 0.4% higher in like-for-like terms.

>> €31.7 million in Net Profit, 0.2% higher than the previous year.

>> €28.3 million of net bank debt  in March 2018, down 31.1% from €41.1 million in December 2017, having paid out in March an extraordinary dividend of €0.13 per share on account of the non-recurring net profit obtained during the year.

>> According to José Domingo de Ampuero y Osma, chairman of the Viscofan Group: “Viscofan continues to carry out its growth and technological transformation strategy supported by market growth and our financial strength to continue driving investments and counteract the adverse currency environment”.

You can read 1Q18 Results Report and the Presentation in the investor relations section.

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