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The Viscofan Group has released October-December 2018 Results

Main highlights of the October-December 2018 results:

> Acquisition of Globus companies in Australia and New Zealand for AUD13.3 million (€8 million), with a net of €4.6 million of non-recurring operating profit from said acquisition.

> €208.2 million in revenue, a company record, up 5.5% from the previous year.

> €54.8 million in EBITDA, 18.2% up on the previous year and 4.9% in recurring terms.

> €35.0 million in Net Profit, 17.5% up on the previous year.

> Net bank debt stood at €79.6 million in December 2018, an increase on the €41.1 million in December 2017, as a result of the increase in shareholder remuneration, investments in transforming the company and the acquisition of Globus in November 2018.

> The Board of Directors has proposed for its approval at the General Shareholders' Meeting the payment of a complementary dividend of €0.95 per share to be paid on 6 June 2019. The shareholder remuneration from 2018 results consists of a total ordinary remuneration of €1.60 per share, and an extraordinary dividend of €0.13 per share.

> According to José Domingo de Ampuero y Osma, chairman of the Viscofan Group: "The results of the fourth quarter once again show the strength of Viscofan, which has successfully deployed its internal transformation initiatives, while having to adapt to a demanding market environment due to the weakness in currencies and the rise in the costs of production. The growth of the casings market, the improvements of the industrial base, the incorporation of new companies, and the dedication and commitment of our excellent team place us in a privileged position to continue moving forward in our MORE TO BE plan and achieve new growth in the key results in 2019."

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