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Viscofan joins bioplastic collagen startup Ekolber

​​Viscofan has made an investment of 245 thousand euros by way of a capital increase in Ekolber S.L, which represents a 24,5% of this company.

Ekolber, based in Bergara (Basque Country - Spain) is a startup specialized in the production of a new thermoplastic biomaterial resulting from a mechanical treatment of collagen-rich materials that enables the elaboration of different formulations that meet the needs of customers from several industries. 

This bioplastic made from collagen is a sustainable product that is obtained from renewable sources and degrades in simple natural substances at the end of its life cycle. 

According to Iñaki Recalde, corporate director of diversification and technology in The Viscofan Group, "this investment is an opportunity to explore new applications with collagen and promote the utilisation of biopolymeric sustainable solutions in several industries".

As stated by Jesús Olloquiegui, Ekolber's general director, "Viscofan’s support not only reinforces our business vision but also means recognition to the technological development achieved by Ekolber".

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