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Viscofan Group has released Third Quarter 2019 results

​Main highlights of the July-September 2019 results:

>€215.9 million in revenue in the quarter, a new all-time high, up 12.4% on the previous year driven by strong growth in all the reporting areas.

>€50.3 million in reported EBITDA, up 12.8% on the previous year (+13.8% in recurring terms).

>€27.0 million in the reported net profit, up 17.3% on the previous year (+18.8% in recurring terms).

>€56.5 million in net bank debt in September 2019, down 29.1% compared with €79.7 million reported in December 2019 thanks to the strength of the third-quarter operating results and reduced investment needs in the second phase of the MORE TO BE strategic plan.

>According to José Domingo de Ampuero y Osma, chairman of the Viscofan Group: “The results of the third quarter, with the main financial figures growing at double digit rate, show Viscofan´s strength to deal with any environment, meanwhile we improve our leadership in the market combining volume growth and improvement in sales price. These results reinforce our guidance for the year as well as our growth vision in the medium and long term for Viscofan and the market."

All Results information is available on the following link

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