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CEO Letter. Update on COVID-19. 30 March

​Today Monday 30th March the Spanish Government has implemented new measures to prevent and reduce the transmission of COVID19 including, among others, the closure of activities considered as non-essential.

Viscofan’s activity is considered essential, and as a consequence we will continue producing and operating regularly.

In Viscofan we are strongly committed with our responsibility to help basic food reaches millions of households in these difficult times. This commitment is supported by our customers, suppliers and the rest of stakeholders.

I want to highlight and thank our workers for the exceptional work they are doing, especially those at our facilities. They continue giving their best to assure that everything works, reflecting their high commitment and sense of responsibility.

If you had any question, please do not hesitate in asking your frequent contact at Viscofan. We will help you solve any questions that are likely to arise in these moments.

Be safe; take care of yourself, family and beloved ones.

With my best regards,

José Antonio Canales

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