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CEO Letter. Uptade on COVIS-19 situation in Viscofan

​Dear colleagues,

I wish this letter finds you well and safe despite these pandemic that hits us all.
As you know health is a priority we all must ensure at all times and places; and at such critical current situation, even more committed to it. In Viscofan we follow specifications and guidelines that apply at this moment and we have introduced the corresponding measures to look after our employee’s safety, avoid unnecessary risks taking advantage of the possibilities that come along with new technologies and digital solutions, and contributing all to minimising as much as possible the spread of the virus.

Today it is more crucial than ever our responsibility to help basic food reaches millions of households worldwide, fighting nonstop to provide all our customers with our products. I would like to point out the commitment each one of Viscofan’s employees is proving every day, giving their best and overcoming difficulties, maintaining production to serve and meet with responsibility our commitment to society. 

As an international company we have paid close attention and followed the situation since its outbreak in China, where protection measures for our people were rapidly put into practice as well as providing to our customers the products they demand. Those days, as we do today, we put in place all our international capacity into a tight collaboration to respond better to this huge responsibility: to secure the supply of products for our clients and associates who rely on us in these special circumstances.
Such exceptional situation is expected to continue the following weeks, for which we are going to focus over three main priorities: secure the wellbeing of our employees and their families worldwide; fulfil our responsibility securing supply to our customers and associates; deal with those new challenges that may arise during this crisis with strength, coordination, communication and teamwork.

The demonstrations of caring, support and tender between human beings that are taking place these days are clear evidence that we will overcome together this grand challenge and that we will do so as soon as possible.

Take care for yourself, family and beloved ones.


José Antonio Canales

® Viscofan Group