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​MORE TO BE 2016-2021
We strive to be an authentic global leader “THE CASING COMPANY”. To become the global leader, we need to lead our main markets in SERVICE, COST, and TECHNOLOGY.

We strive to be an authentic global leader “THE CASING COMPANY”.

“MORE TO BE” vision means that The casing company focuses its efforts to create value for SHAREHOLDERS in a SUSTAINABLE way. The casing company is the GLOBAL LEADER in all meat casings families and promotes actively the development of NEW MARKETS. To become The casing company means that we are the PREFERRED OPTION for the customers, the most sought-after among competitors, and the industry BENCHMARK in terms of EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY in ALL casing technology. The casing company has THE BEST TEAM OF THE MARKET, attracts and retains the talent and develop its skills.

In the MORE TO BE Plan, the Group is making a significant leap in the areas of Service, Technology and Costs with a multitude of investment projects of an organic and inorganic nature, resulting in a greater market leadership. Thus, we face 2021 with a more competitive market value proposal, unique and different, to take advantage of expected market growth in the year.

The uncertainty and persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a higher number of cases throughout the whole world, continues to be highly geared towards reducing the possible consequences of this crisis including, among others, the implementation by governments of measures to prevent its expansion, such as lockdowns, social distancing, mobility restrictions, and contagion risks that may affect the production of Viscofan, our customers or our suppliers.

Subsequently, the MORE TO BE Strategic Plan has been extended into 2021, to provide continuity to existing projects and as a driving force for others to continue to contribute to the company's growth and strength in the long term. Among these are projects, of particular significance is the increased fibrous capacity at the Cáseda plant using the new technology, and the termination of the process to update the technology at the collagen casings plant in the United States.

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From our company MISSION to the corporate VISION there is a long strategic way that will transform our Group.

Our strategic plans are a complex gear that are based upon our strategic pillars (service, technology and cost) and allow our company to move forward to a final objective. The strategies don’t move by their own, as they need to be propelled by our values as key drivers to enact these strategic initiatives. Viscofan values are rooted in unrenounceable ethical principles that emerge from Universal Human Rights and are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It is a true gear that gets a wider complexity as it moves forward but it also constitutes a unique system tha​t provides new competitive advantages to the Viscofan Group. This system helps us to achieve - through our daily work, the corporate objective: “Be an authentic global leader `The casing Company´”.

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