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Viscofan plastic casings information and benefits 
Tailor casing solutions designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the processed meat industry.  Discover our new range of plastic solutions with the best advantages for all your products!
Product range tubular multilayer casings


Now more than ever, Viscofan brings the widest range of plastic casing solutions.

Our NON-SHRINK range for never-ending applications, the choice when products are sliced, frozen or wrapped in a secondary packaging.

The SMALL CALIBER POLYAMIDES monolayer casings designed to bring the shelf-life and benefits of plastic casing to small caliber sausages with the “skin-on”.

PERMEABLE CASINGS, a new plastic range from Viscofan that absorbs and transfers the smoke colour, flavour, and aroma to the product. Designed to bring the benefits of extended shelf-life and effective manufacturing to the casing market.

Our premium CALIBER CONTROL with high performance plastic casings constructed with several layers that combine in one “structure” all the positive properties needed to meet the processing and shelf-life requirements for a variety of products.

FORMABLE CASINGS range are ideal for mold shape products for retail cooked hams or for slicing applications. There are different barrier versions with functional mechanical properties that increase ham yields at processing or on the Deli counter.

New NATURAL LOOK to bring your products a “natural“ look and “traditional“ casing performance. Vector patented technology brings a special casing range with a matt-grip appearance, extraordinary flexibility or a silky matt appearance an exceptional natural look.

Product range Interleavers Nanopack separation films and Vector flat films


NANOPACK Multilayer plastic films stand out because they improve the presentation of sliced products, enhancing their visual features such as color and brightness.

They are extremely machine-friendly, and have great non-stick (anti-static) capacity, making them ideal for all fresh and frozen products.

  • Full range for Normal, Medium and High speed slice applications.
  • Excellent cutting and interleaver grouping properties.
  • Top mechanical properties and up to 1.700 cuts/minute.
  • It does not require the usual previous freezing prozess.
Product range Vector Shrink Bags boneless meat products


High abuse bags that offer excellent shelf-life, bone puncture resistance, clarity and printability for the meat industry join a new portfolio of Vector shrink bags.

Shrink bags with an excellent barrier properties for bone-in meat applications with sealing, high transparency and glossiness properties. 

VECTOR shrink bags range are high-strength shrink bags with or without meat adhesion. They can be used as primary or secondary packaging of meat products, cooking at full cook temperatures or as post pasteurizing bags. Their high abuse resistance makes them especially suited for packing sharp or hard products. Available in versions with carefully designed meat cling properties, for better yields in cooking applications. Likewise, VECTOR "Cook and Chill" types are non shrink range of steam/water cookable or retortable films tailored for use in cook and chill applications. Designed with hot fill and tumble chill capability for institutional liquid foods. Heat seal or clip closure. Flat film versions are available for liquid vertical form fill seal processes with overlap back seal.

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Tailor casing solutions 
Regardless of the choice decision we offer a cost efficient solution designed specifically to suit the demands of every application in the meat industry. Based on our technology and “know-how” we can modify casing properties to maximize manufacturing performance.
Product range tubular multilayer casings 
High efficiency and productivity
Ready to use long shirring lengths for the best productivity. Superior barrier to maximize cooking yields and excellent meat cling to minimize purge on a wide range of processed meats will improve your manufacturing efficiency and productivity helping you to reduce costs and enhance product quality.
Highlights innovations printing casings possibility 
Broad range of colours and prints
Differenciate your brand and highlight your position in the market with a rainbow colour casing offer and a wide range of printed options. Outstanding prints with high definition quality and continuous print over the edge are possible with our state of the art printing technology.
Smoke permable 
Smoke permable
Multiple alternatives for cooked and smoked sausages or dried products. Polyamide casings with different permeability levels that can absorb the smoke flavour and taste during the smoking process or can allow an efficient water loss during the fermentation and drying process. Our permeable casings can have a matt finished and offer an effective mould protection without further treatment.


New product portfolio

Thanks to the acquisition of Vector Packaging we can offer the widest range of plastic solutions with the best advantages. Discover our new range of products such as tubular casings, shrink bags, flat films or trays.

Cellulose innovations product news flexmax sticks technology 
A safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications. They allow productivity at the highest level, characterized by their caliber consistency.
Product range large collagen casings 
Shape, colour, shine, transparency, juiciness, bite… on tailor-made, multiple formats and sizes. Take your creations up to the next level!.
Collagen casings advantages and benefits information 
The best solution for modern production where industrial processes demand more each day: speed, productivity and efficiency.
Functional solutions advantages and benefits information 
A functional value added solution for your production process.
Product range Viscofan Veggie 
Our new, remarkable, edible vegetable casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current demands.

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