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Fibrous casing advantages and benefits information 
The best solution for modern production where industrial processes demand more each day: speed, productivity and efficiency.
Product range classic line


Viscofan Fibrous casings are products made with fiber-reinforced cellulose.

We offer complete solutions for every demand in modern sausage production.

Our fibrous casings give your finished product a natural look, and their uniform caliber and excellent peelability are second to none.

This makes Viscofan fibrous casings the perfect choice for sliced goods.

Viscofan fibrous is available in the best converting format to suit your process.

From cut pieces to high density shirring or ready to use materials, helping you to make the most out of your production.

Options available for better processing and control.


Product range classic line


Fibrous at its most: strongest at processing and uniformity slice after slice on your logs. It allows you to get the most of your production equipment and making your process more effi cient at every step: stuffi ng, processing, peeling and slicing.

HIghlights innovations high abuse and consistency casings 
High abuse and consistent casings
Very strong casings that enable the use of all your equipment capabilities. It also allows you to design and optimize your process achieving higher productivity through consistency.
Highlights innovations wide range of colours 
Wide range of colours
Enhance your products with the many casing colours available and/or the use of printed casing. As well, many sizes available to better adjust your product to the required diameter.
Highlights innovations shirred strands 
State of the art shirring
Shirred strands that maximize the length of casing in the industry (T-shirr Max) reducing the number of change overs. Big-bore strands that allow the use of a bigger horn increasing your output and the quality of the product.
Highlights innovations White Mold Salami WMS 
White Mold Salami (WMS)
This casing concept provides good casing integrity with white mold growing over long drying times. It maintains good stuffing, slicing uniformity and allows good peeling without casing desintegration, for single unit retail salamis or long ones for factory slicing and packaging.



Ready to use material (T-shirr and Redi-reel) that reduce processing time.
Long pieces to make the most of your chambers capacity.
Several types of pre-sticking available that will help to get the air out of your product.

A safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications. They allow productivity at the highest level, characterized by their caliber consistency.
Shape, colour, shine, transparency, juiciness, bite… on tailor-made, multiple formats and sizes. Take your creations up to the next level!.
Tailor casing solutions designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the processed meat industry.
Functional solutions advantages and benefits information 
A functional value added solution for your production process.
Product range Viscofan Veggie 
Our new, remarkable, edible vegetable casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current demands.

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