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Viscofan information on Cellulose Casing products 
A safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications. They allow productivity at the highest level, characterized by their caliber consistency.
Product range Cellulose Big Caliber clippable


Viscofan small caliber cellulose casings combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent caliber.

They are permeable to flav​ours and colours as intended during the smoking process, but are impermeable to other unwanted aromas.

With their excellent peelability troublefree industrial processing is guaranteed. Small cellulose casings are presented in sticks, always ready to stuff, which allows perfect adaptation to all stuffing systems.

Cellulose small casings are available in a wide variety of colours and with different number of stripes to facilitate the production and control processes.

These casings are specially suitable for smoked and unsmoked processed sausages and also dry-cured sausages, for use on high-speed peelers.

Product range Cellulose Small Caliber for processed sausages


Viscofan big caliber cellulose casings are permeable tubes made of regenerated cellulose. The transparent, high-gloss properties, coupled to brilliant printing make your products highly merchandisable. The clarity of these casings is visually appealing and allows the consumer to see the actual product.

LC casing range offers optimum cylindric uniformity, perfect elasticity up to highest adaptability. 

C-casings are the perfect solution for larger size requirements such as cooked, smoked or unsmoked sausages. Having lower elasticity, these casings allow uniform cylindrical products.

Deli casing is adaptable and flexible during stuffing which permits the casing to form around the product producing a natural oval shape.

Highlights innovations cellulose flexmax technology 
This new technology increases the sticks’ inner bore, resulting in a casing with distinct production advantages, meaning enhanced stuffing speed and productivity. The high density of the stick provides more meterage without increasing stick length, additionally without sacrificing inner bore, meaning greater production yields.
Product range cellulose big caliper clippable 
Big calibers
The clippable big sizes cellulose casing produced from calibers 65 to 250 mm. Offers all the advantages of cellulose casing, permeable to smoke and moisture. It is also available ready to be stuffed format with no pre-treatment or soaking required.
Highlights innovations cellulose easy peeling 
Easy peeling
The ease with which the casing is peeled ensures a fast and continuous production process. Excellent casings to be used in high speed peeler machines.
Highlight innovations cellulose shadow print 
Shadow prints
Shadow print is a printed casing with a limited permeability to smoke transfer. It works both with natural and liquid smoke. After the thermal and smoking process and peeling, the shadow of your motto will appear as a lighter area on the surface of your hot-dog. The shadow print effect is an original way to highlight you products.​



Five new metallic-effect pearl colours to highlight the products and give them a much more attractive, eye-catching appearance. The pearlescent lustre makes the products clearly distinguishable from other sausages.

Product range Large Collagen casings 
Shape, colour, shine, transparency, juiciness, bite… on tailor-made, multiple formats and sizes. Take your creations up to the next level!.
Collagen casings advantages and benefits information 
The best solution for modern production where industrial processes demand more each day: speed, productivity and efficiency.
Plastic casings advantages and benefits information 
Tailor casing solutions designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the processed meat industry.
Functional solutions advantages and benefits information 
A functional value added solution for your production process.
Product range Viscofan Veggie 
Our new, remarkable, edible vegetable casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current demands.

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