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Viscofan information on Cellulose Casing products 
A functional value added solution for your production process


Coat your products with the benefits of a “cook-in” barrier plastic casing.

  • A cost effective alternative to conventional smoking, frying or glazing of the ham.
  • Eliminates multiple production steps increasing the operational eficiency.
  • True plastic solutions with no “weak“ sealed seams and strong cooking burst resistance.
  • Superior barrier properties to maximize product shelf-life and cooking yields for “cook & ship“.
  • Purpose-designed stretch behaviour to get uniform size control for slicing for “cook & strip“.
  • High yield with a defined meat cling and control of purge.
  • Always uniform in colour intensity and homogenity.
  • Customized natural smoke colour and flavour and natural color solutions for new products.


The perfect transfer solution to innovate in classic products, enrich meals or enhance flavors

  • Vispice will give you an edge on the competition.
  • It is a consistent, calibrated, safe and clean process for seasoning marinating.
  • Savings during processing, cooking and preparing.
  • It prevents cross-contamination in the seasoning, breading processes.
  • Excellent quality thanks to technological developments.
  • It is prepared with food consumption approved ingredients.
  • For all kind of fresh or processed protein products.
  • It increases your food’s safety and quality as well as extend its shelf life.
  • It can be Kosher, allergen free or GMO free.
Highlights innovations cellulose flexmax technology 
Safer and higher quality products
Viscofan smoke or color impregnated casings can be used as “cook & ship“ casings avoiding the striping steps and minimizing the risk of post-process contamination, as a consequence product safety will be increased and the product shelf-life will be extended..
Product range cellulose big caliper clippable 
Adding undeniable value
Transferring colour or flavour in one-step during the cooking operation with our transfer casings will help you to increase manufacturing effciciency. With our unique barrier transfer concepts you will also get all the benefits of a shrinkable true plastic casing designed with a strong burst resistance and to minimize purge on cook-in processes meat and poultry products.
Highlights innovations printing casings possibility 
Great visual appearance
Great visual appearance enrich your consumers meals with Vispice. The appearance of the coating in the final product is homogeneous and visually very attractive to the consumer. Vispice an added value solution for your classic product line. It will attract your customer’s attention with new aromas and flavours.
Highlight innovations cellulose shadow print 
Wide range of coatings
Vispice is available in a wide range of flavours. Enhance your products with many different herbs, spices and seasonings. Vispice can help you to reduce your sodium amount and provides you with a delicious alternative to breaded ready to eat products currently on the market.​


Added Value Products

We have developed new intelligent packaging technologies to support our customers‘ fight against constant reduction in margins and higher operational costs in the food industry

Cellulose Innovations Product news flexmax sticks technology 
A safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications. They allow productivity at the highest level, characterized by their caliber consistency.
Product range Large Collagen casings 
Shape, colour, shine, transparency, juiciness, bite… on tailor-made, multiple formats and sizes. Take your creations up to the next level!.​
Collagen casings advantages and benefits information 
The best solution for modern production where industrial processes demand more each day: speed, productivity and efficiency.
Plastic casings advantages and benefits information 
Tailor casing solutions designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the processed meat industry.
Product range Viscofan Veggie 
Our new, remarkable, edible vegetable casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current demands.

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